Pre-buy Septic Tank Inspection

Does a presence of a septic tank in a home worry you as a potential home buyer? Professional home inspection from certified and trained home inspectors can help you find peace of mind and make the optimal decisions about a future home with a septic system.

Professional Inspection Services

Households that are not served by the municipal sewer either have privately-owned sewer laterals that connect them to the main municipal sewer line or rely on private septic systems. About 25 percent of the American population has separate septic systems, so it’s not unusual to come across a perfect home with its own wastewater system.

Since a septic system is such a major component of a home, you want to know if it was maintained well and in need any repairs. At Pillar To Post™, our licensed and certified home inspectors perform thorough, non-invasive inspections of the septic tank and all the components of the system to give you a better idea of what may be needed for your potential future home.

Things You Need to Know About Septic Tanks

Typically, a correctly installed and regularly maintained septic tank can serve up to 25-30 years, so the main question you want to ask is how old the system is and how well it was serviced in the past.

At Pillar To Post™, our experienced home inspectors perform thorough, non-invasive inspections of the septic tank system and all of its components. A professional home inspection report includes the following information:

  • The manufacturer and age of the sewer line or septic tank,
  • Overall condition of the system, if it’s properly cited and doesn’t present a danger of contamination,
  • Any possible red flags that indicate absence of or improper maintenance.

Depending on the results of the professional evaluation, you can decide to renegotiate the price of the home or have the owner make all the necessary repairs before closing the deal.

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